Medical/Yoga/Massage/Therapy Commercial space - Taughannock near IH&F (Ithaca)

407 Taughannock Blvd., Ithaca, NY 14850

Medical/Yoga/Massage/Therapy Commercial space - Taughannock near IH&F 1 thumbnailMedical/Yoga/Massage/Therapy Commercial space - Taughannock near IH&F 2 thumbnailMedical/Yoga/Massage/Therapy Commercial space - Taughannock near IH&F 3 thumbnailMedical/Yoga/Massage/Therapy Commercial space - Taughannock near IH&F 4 thumbnail
407 Taughannock Blvd.

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Beautiful, comfortable, professional offices for rent, as well as a large yoga/martial arts/classroom studio space, in prime location near Island Health and Fitness, Ithaca Children's Garden, and the Cayuga inlet.

We have several professional office spaces and a huge studio space for rent now with accessible layout, and reasonable rental rates.  Our main business is Nine Rivers Osteopathy at 407 Taughannock Blvd. There is ample parking.

We are mainly an Osteopathy practice run by Dr. Teves, with 3 treatment rooms that can be used for therapy, massage, or acupuncture; as well as a large studio space across the hall from the offices that can be used for tai chi, qigong, yoga, dance instruction or rehearsal, photography shoots, or for coursework and instruction or activities. The studio has high quality mats over the flooring, OR use the bamboo flooring (underneath - we roll up the mats). These are some of the options.  All rental spaces have a view of the inlet.  Our areas are very private, as we are the only ones who enter from our main door and hallway. See our website for more info: Nine Rivers Osteopathy. Soon we will have a small health center with 6-person sauna, ice bath, and TheraLight 360 photobiomodulation bed.

We will lease to new tenants on a trial basis (1-3 months) to make sure the arrangement works for all involved.  Longer-term leases (three to 12 months) can be signed after initial period. With rent comes cleaning, bathroom supplies (large bathroom unique to our part of the building), lovely hallway with room for business cards, shoe racks, massage tables, tissues, also small "kitchen" room with refrigerator available on a limited basis, etc. Also, "one-off" rentals good too, for a day-long class, photo shoot, or other activities.

See below for details on each available space.

Treatment rooms:
Medical offices/treatment rooms which can be used for any sort of "office" activity - hypnotherapist, massage, acupuncture, other small office activities. In Rooms 1 and 2 (and throughout) we have tasteful furniture, massage tables, chairs, AC or heaters, curtains, nice and necessary quiet vibe. 

Room #1:
Can include some storage based (to be negotiated).  Large window overlooking inlet and bike path across the way. Size: 13' x 9.5'. Available everyday except for Tues. afternoons, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Room #2:
Same window view. Size: 9' x 14'. Photos can say more than words in this case. Both rooms are very comfortable, homey, spacious enough for all sorts of professional use. Available everyday except for Wednesdays and Thursdays. No storage but depending on rentals hours we may be able to arrange some.

Room #3: Available through end-July.
This room is beautifully painted and furnished by a local massage therapist who rents it monthly. She is not here every day and is offering it for use with availability on Mondays and Sundays, and some evenings after 5pm. Anyone interested in this space, please reply and we will provide pictures.You'll speak with the therapist directly. This is her request because she has all of her personal supplies there including a hot stone massage heater, table, furniture, etc. Owls Eye Wellness

LARGE STUDIO SPACE - 18' x 38': 
This space is multi-use. Entry to this space is separate from the other offices. There is a small kitchen with refrigerator, water pitcher, tea kettle, etc. available for events only. 18' x 38' large with roll-up garage door for summer air flow. 

Rates for treatment rooms #1 and #2 
1 Half day per week: $125 monthly 
1 Full day per week: $225 monthly 
2 Full days per week: $375 monthly 
3 Full days per week: $500 monthly

Further discounts can be had based on use (more use, less rent). Please enquire. 

Rates for studio space:
$25/hour for shorter term use or single booking. Based on how often you are using the space, the rates can be reduced accordingly, for example, more than 5 hrs/month you will pay $20/hr. Please contact us for available hours.

Please email us or call 607-319-0429 for more info or to see the space. Thank you for your interest! Tara (manager) and Dr. Anjani

More photos can be seen at: ithaca.craigslist.org/hws/d/ithaca-medical-yoga-massage-therapy/7730787011.html

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