Need An Apartment Renovated? Lets Trade Work For Housing! (Ithaca, NY)

Hi, I am a 30s male, I am easy to get along with, have a good attitude and demeanor, I love pets and the outdoors, I am very clean and quiet, and I'm usually holing up working on computers or some other device.
I own a plethora of tools including table saw, chop saw, hand router etc. I have a ton of wide-ranging experience with all types of construction, remodeling, framing, cement, drywall, spackling, flooring, siding, roofing, as well as a ton of various other skills and useful hobbies such as electronics troubleshooting and fixing, computer building/overhauling/repairing, furniture repair and refinishing, greenhouse and garden/raised bed building and tending (basically very good with plants), I really enjoy landscaping and have a good eye for making properties look nice, and I really can probably fix just about anything that doesn't require a sewing machine or professional electrician!

I am in a predicament, my residence for the past several years is being sold and I need to move from here asap so that the house can be thoroughly cleaned for the new owners! I would really prefer a place nearer to downtown as I do not currently have a vehicle! I decided to sell it as all of the projects I've had are all within walking distance, and I kind of enjoy not having to worry about the expenses and other headaches cars can give you. That said, I have a clean license and am a safe driver.

I would like to find someone who needs a lot work done on their house essentially making me a live-in handyman or worker. We can work out a fair hourly rate or a number of hours to reach each month until work is complete. If you need a large amount of work done for pay as well I can certainly help you out. If everything goes smoothly I would be willing to donate extra time worked for the first couple months just as a way of thanking you for helping me out. I am not a greedy person at all and I am always honest about my time worked.
Almost forgot to add that I do not smoke and there is zero chance I ever will. Unless you count hot glue or related heat fixes or the occasional wire soldering.

I have done a massive amount of work on several Ithaca homes and apartments over the last several years, and the variety and complexity of some of it has me primed for just about anything. I could make a huge list of all the things I've done but it might be easier to just say that my weak point is some of the more complex plumbing (not counting basic things, I've installed sinks and toilets), I am not an electrician and most of that needs to be done by a professional if you're in the city. I can paint and have applied something like 30+ gallons across many houses in just the last 3 years, that said I am too nitpicky with it which can slow things down (I just don't like painting on bad wood or hiding damage that could get worse).

I have never been arrested. I don't have a criminal record. I generally prefer to keep to myself and I am not even a tiny bit nosy or snoopy or gossipy. I am not an angry or resentful or drunken person whatsoever.

I am not looking for much, just a room with some measure of privacy. If its ratty, Ill de-ratify it. As long as there's fresh air! I really need to be moving in the next couple of days ideally.

Please send me an email with any and all questions and Ill get back to you with all my personal information and anything else you need. I hope we can help each other out!

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